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 Imagine an easy-to-use tool that monitors personal health, national health and global health and the impact it can have for people’s physical as well as their mental health. We did!

We Enable the Monitoring of Personal Health, National Health, Global Health and Fitness Metrics, TODAY!

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Why BodyRecog

Why BodyRecog?

Did you know that according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) six in ten adults have a chronic disease, and four in ten have more than one? This is why we developed our solution to offer people a solution that can provide an early warning of potential chronic disease, or if the condition already exists, we can help them redefine aspects of their lifestyle choices to monitor and potentially reduce the impact of illness on them, including their mental health.


Also, from a global fitness perspective, the National Center for Biotechnology Information, states, “Obesity is an alarmingly increasing global public health issue". Several countries worldwide have witnessed a double or triple escalation in the prevalence of obesity in the last three decades, probably due to urbanization, sedentary lifestyle, and increased consumption of high-calorie processed foods.”


Measuring and analyzing body metrics can help predict chronic diseases by identifying risk factors that are associated with the development of chronic conditions. Here are some examples:


1. Body mass index (BMI): High BMI is a known risk factor for several chronic diseases, such as diabetes T2, heart disease, and stroke. Measuring BMI can help to identify people who are at risk of developing these conditions, allowing for early interventions such as weight loss and lifestyle changes.


2. Body Fat Percentage (BF%): Body Fat Percentage is one of the fitness level measures, and its healthy level depends on a person’s age and sex. It’s often used as a means to monitor progress during a diet, or as a measure of physical fitness for certain sports, such as bodybuilding. It’s more accurate as a measure of excess body weight than body mass index (BMI) since it differentiates between the weight of muscle mass and that of fat mass, while BMI puts both masses into one figure.


3. Waist-to-Hip Ratio (WHR): is a measure of body fat distribution. It’s an indicator that helps understand a person’s body shape and health risks associated with their body fat distribution. WHR is used as a measurement of obesity, which in turn is a possible indicator of other more serious health conditions. 


Overall, measuring body metrics can help to identify people who are at risk of developing chronic diseases, allowing for early interventions that can help to prevent or manage these conditions. By identifying these risk factors early, healthcare professionals can work with patients to develop personalized prevention plans that can help to reduce the burden of chronic disease on individuals, and society as a whole.




BodyRecog digitally captures your body shape with just a few photos via your smartphone camera, or a single scan via a 3D infrared scanner.



Once measurements are obtained, a personalized report on your overall health risks is obtained, along with personalized recommendations.



Results can be shared, if you so choose, with your friends and family via social media; or with your doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer in order to receive ongoing support and keep up the motivation.



MY STORY by Anita Bušić, Founder and CEO

Ever since I was a teenager, the world of diets fascinated me. How completely different advice would be given and many people would achieve success. Each swore they were the best, because they could show successful cases. However, none of them publicly revealed the dark secret that not everyone was successful in achieving their goals, that a minority, despite strictly adhering to the program, failed. I’ve always wondered why is that. 

Then in early 2000s, I read the book “Eat Right for Your Type” by Peter D’Adamo. It’s about how people should eat differently based on their blood type. And that, for me, was the beginning of understanding the need for personalized programs, and not one-fits-all programs. Afterwards, he wrote “The GenoType Diet” which defined types based on various epigenetic characteristics of people. In order to determine which type a person is, they would need to measure themselves, amongst other things. Measuring oneself isn’t easy, basically you need another person to measure you. Also, that person really must know how to do it, otherwise, the results will not be accurate or precise. Hence, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if it could be done digitally? You’d get all the measurements at once, and they’d be precise and accurate. An idea was thus born, and that was the beginning of BodyRecog – The Body Shape Tracking App. 

Later on, thinking things through, the vision expanded to include health risk assessment analyses, lifestyle modification recommendations, as well as data gathering. 

The first version has already won 22 awards globally for invention and innovation; part of the total of 35 awards and professional recognitions obtained.


Our vision is simple we want to provide a means to track world health in real-time! By capturing body metrics, we are able to provide personalized diet, exercise and stress-relief programs through our solutions. 


Our mission is to continue delivering solutions that empower people to be healthier and have more insight inand control of their health. A healthy body is a healthy mind.


What is BodyRecog®?


BodyRecog® is a digital health platform (integrated web-mobile) that aids professionals in coaching consumers to achieve their fitness and health goals and take charge of their health. 


It performs health risk assessment for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer etc. based on a 3D infrared scan of the human body; and tracks how the body shape changes over time (where and by how much in cm/inch has one lost fat/gained muscle) as a result of diet, exercise, medication, medical treatment, physical therapy, or any combination thereof.

How does BodyRecog® work?


We use an infrared scanner (attached to an iPad) to capture the 3D model of the human body within 30 seconds. While scanning the body, a professional (trainer, nutritionist, physician, etc.) obtains instantly 15 data points. Our proprietary, interactive algorithm extracts body measurements from the 3D model and the results are then automatically analyzed to determine an individual's health risks, energy requirements and to compare their body metrics to national statistics.


Basically, BodyRecog® compares body shape data (15-20 body measurements) to health status data (10-19 HRA parameters and 6 energy parameters; for a total of 73 data points), based on research from academic and health institutions (including WHO) from all over the world, in order to track and monitor the health status of a person.

Our technology allows us to perform health risk assessments for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and other, and to offer personalized health recommendations to consumers at risk for such diseases.

What products does BodyRecog® consist of?


BodyRecog PRO – The CARE ENGAGEMENT PRODUCT – A web app that assists physicians in assessing health risks for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer, based on the patient's digitally obtained body measurements (3D-scan); and enables remote patient-monitoring.


BodyRecog HOME – The PATIENT ENGAGEMENT / SELF-CARE PRODUCT – A mobile application that enables patients to monitor themselves and be remotely monitored by their physician, in reducing obesity-related health risks (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer etc.).



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Briarwood, NY, USA

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